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Moving out, Loss & where have I been

Year Review

Well.. how do we do this again? I haven't written a post since Jan 30 but have been itching all year to write it out on my blog. The problem is I just ran out of ideas & time. Mostly ideas. Haven't been doing any research on the personal front to post anything exciting. Just following markets, learning as much as I can, working out & trying to be better. You can get the updates on those things from my twitter & I felt I just did not have anything valuable to add on the blog. But I did want to write a bit at year end.

First and foremost - I lost my cat Bholu this year. He was the single best looking cat in the history of this universe (it is a fact okay) & he just.... vanished. What happened is I had to move cities & come to Gurugram for work as offices opened. A week later my mom informed me that Bholu just stopped coming home. He left for wherever he left & never came back. It is the not knowing that hurts. We don't know if something happened to him, or he just got bored & left. I hope that he is still alive. His backstory is pretty simple: He came to me in Jan 2020 when I was just taking a walk in my porch & we became instant best friends. He was a weak cat, continuously bullied by his brother & did not have a proper place to stay & eat. I fed him the best I could, getting the best possible cat food from Amazon, forcing my mom to feed him milk, got him boxes to sleep in & sweater for winters. He was family. He got healthier. Everyone commented on how he got fat (not obese fat, just normal shape like a healthy cat). He wouldn't leave my side, his meows were the best & I looked forward to playing with him everyday between, before & after work. After I left he kept trying to open my bedroom door & get in. Then of course one week later he left. I miss him, the loss hurts.

Anyways, I moved to Gurugram. No one likes leaving home I think, & I still hate this city. But such is human pursuit of money, success, recognition whatever. My folks left their homes in their youth, I am leaving mine. Circle of life. This is a polluted, non-green, unruly city; but I am here because I need to have a career. I don't dislike office (except when I have to sit in late), in fact my company is awesome. But the rest of the part - being away from family, not getting good air, great environment, short travel times - matters. I don't have a unique insight on human nature from this even though it feels like I should have a philosophical observation here, but I don't. It is what it is. Life goes on. I had a great year, hope 2023 is even better. Hope everyone reading this has it too. Some things I want to do in 2023:

  1. See more of Family & Friends. Haven't seen so many in years. I hope to travel more (the main constraint is finances to be honest).

  2. Learn more Finance. Get better at Math & get my rusty Python skills back. I have been doing all 3 of these every day right now.

  3. Learn RPA (Power Automate). Been doing this like twice a week.

  4. Get new Squat/Bench PRs. I made close to zero progress in 2022 despite training hard all year. It is frustrating & I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

  5. Write More on the blog despite having no ideas at all. This will probably fail. Most things I want to say I just tweet out because it is convenient & not suited for long form.

  6. Keep reading. As of now I have 75 books on my reading list. I will never finish these, but I have pledges to donate $1000 to a cat charity for every 10 books I finish.


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