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  • Anant Gupta

2023 Review & 2024 outlook

I continue to be bad at this blog thing but we shall continue.

Well, this is awkward as I have been wanting to write some nice thoughtful finance piece but the thing is, I just don't have anything insightful. Whatever little thoughts I have, they are simply tweeted out throughout the year because that is just easy. Anyways, I feel like it is good to have a quick review of how 2023 went & what I expect going forward. So to recap:

  1. I had a lot of fun till October. Started playing regular football, brother got married, did some new projects at work, learnt a lot more about the financial system, did well investing & just a happy year in general. Nothing mind blowing but I really did do a lot. Just nothing worth specifically pointing to.

  2. Then come October I break my ankle in football & it all goes to hell. I could not lift nor run. It has been nagging me since & I am still not back.

  3. I haven't been able to achieve my lifting goals for another year. Maybe I really don't know anything about fitness lol.

  4. Was planning on a trip abroad but due to things out of my control, that is under threat. Basically I am suffering from other people's mistakes. It is very annoying when you have to be on the wrong end of someone else's bad decisions & they still don't take it seriously.

  5. Someone I worked very closely with had to politely move on to other things. It was a heartbreaking moment because I liked working with them & life happened. I later found out they are still doing the same thing, they just broke off the working relationship I had. I am still not sure but I have an idea on why that is, but it is fine. Not all of us are perfect. I wish them the best of luck & hope I can do better in the future.

Ok that is the quick recap because I don't like to dwell much on the past. The more interesting thing is the future so let's go:

  1. How my portfolio is placed: Finance is my bread & butter & although I am not a full time trader or an investor, this is still something that I actively do & maintain views on the market. With that in mind, here is how I am positioned in 2024-

  2. Lifting & Football: Easy one, recover from my injury & start lifting again. Get stronger, better, healthier etc. Get more protein in. Play football again. Risk injuries. Life is short, play football which is love. Otherwise what is the point.

  3. Learn more finance: This will happen forever but I am hoping to be a better coder, better economist, better investor in 2024. I have been taking coding & math classes online. Reading loads of finance books, following the markets. I can dedicate maybe 30 minutes everyday to these things & try to structure my day in a way all of this balanced. However, I will admit I am very bad at this & make little progress day by day & week after week. Hopefully this changes in 2024.

  4. Connect more with Friends & Family: This was a goal last year & while I certainly did better than 2022, it wasn't quite there. Mostly financial reasons to be honest I travel less to meet my friends & family to save money. Talk about a guy in finance right?

  5. Pay off student loan debt & move to a better place: Self explanatory title but probably not gonna happen this year. Still, one can hope & move closer to the target right?


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