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  • Anant Gupta


A short New Year post on "Joy of Missing Out"- An interesting concept that I was recently introduced to.

Like most of the ideas on this blog, this one came from twitter. There is so much FOMO going all around the world. People posting their wins, travel, money made, good looks, whatever else. Endless scrolling and feeling left out from the awesome life people are living. I think going into the New Year, it is time to embrace something like JOMO. I've talked about living simple and boring before on the blog. It is nice. It is good to let go of the constant chase of gratification. Feel happy that you missed out on the craziness. Most of the time, missing out on something will be worth it. If you missed out on an investment giving you 100x returns, it is fine. You can only know in hindsight. It could've also been a 100% loss. If I didn't get that PR in the gym in 2021 while others did, it is amazing for them. Didn't take that trip to the sea? It is fine, it can be done next year. There will always be more opportunity. There was probably a good reason you were not able to take it with friends.

It is time we let go of the FOMO mentality and embrace JOMO. It is time we acknowledge that everyone's life is different. We all have different things under control. We enjoy different things. We have different philosophies. You are not missing out if you decide against something because it is not for you.

Happy New Year.


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